About Ayurveda

Our Treasure, Tradition and Heritage

The literal meaning of Ayurveda is the perfect knowledge of Life. Ayurveda is a philosophy, a way for purposeful and healthy living and a practical and pragmatic science. The highly integrated and intelligent men of yore (Rishi), out of compassion towards the predicament of their fellow beings, started exploring and experimenting with physical, mental, intellectual and pathological aspects of living organisms in general and human beings in particular. They understood the causes and the consequences of birth, growth, disease, decay and death and prescribed effectual remedies to maintain and preserve positive mental and physical health and also explained how to prevent, diagnose and cure diseases.Ayurveda is considered as an ‘Upaveda’ (branch or section) of ‘Rigveda’. Veda embodies perfect knowledge. It enables us to understand things correctly. In the presence of knowledge, confusion is replaced by clarity and courage. Only with courage and clarity can correct action be performed. In the absence of correct understanding and courage, confusion and conflict will arise. The power of concentration, comprehension and discrimination will vanish and the subject will fall into the depths of mental agony, inaction and inability leading to ‘MANOVEDANA’ (Mental Pain) and ‘SAREERA VEDANA’ (Physical Pain). In short, through Veda, ‘Vedana’ or pain can be conquered. Ayurveda not only deals with the health of human subjects but also has incorporated into it ‘Vriksha Ayurveda’ (the Health Science for plants) and ‘MrugaChikitsa’ (Health Science for animals).

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