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Made of time tested Ayurvedic Oils & Herbs from the Ayurvedic Hub & God’s own Country – KERALA

  • The ideal muscle relaxant
  • Reduces morning stiffness & decreases swelling
  • Increases the mobility of the afflicted joints
  • Lubricates the joints
  • Effective in Rheumatic and Traumatic Pains.
  • Local Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory
  • Spreads and penetrates faster
  • Melts at normal body temperature

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  • Made of time tested Ayurvedic Oils
  • Product from the Ayurvedic hub & God’s own Country – Kerala
  • The ideal muscle relaxant
  • Local analgesic and anti-inflammatory
  • Melts at normal body temperature
  • Spreads and penetrates faster
  • Lubricates the joints
  • Non-greasy, does not stain clothes

Rumarub Contains
  • Dhanwantaram oil
  • Sahacharadi oil
  • Prabhanjanam oil
  • Gandhapura oil
  • Kapoor
  • Pudina Sathwam
  • Lemongrass Oil

In a special base having the lubricating property of an ointment and the penetrating capacity of a cream.
Only RUMARUB ensures maximum transdermal drug penetration and optimum efficacy as:
RUMARUB has an ideal pH.
Ingredients in RUMARUB are solubilized in both phases, i.e., water and oil.
RUMARUB induces marked capillary dilatation.
RUMARUB has local diaphoretic action.
RUMARUB contains time-tested and natural anti-rheumatic remedies.
RUMARUB is free from ingredients of doubtful therapeutic value.

RUMARUB: A Herbal Assurance to the afflicted.

RUMARUB reduces morning stiffness, decreases swelling and increases the mobility of the afflicted joints, thus providing relief in osteoarthritis.
RUMARUB application at bed-time ensures a painless and peaceful sleep in arthritic patients.
RUMARUB has dual action-immediate and sustained.
Immediate action is due to the inclusion of Wintergreen oil, Lemongrass Oil, Kapoor, and Pudhina Sathwam, while sustained action is achieved by the in-corporation of Dhanwantaram, Prabhanjanam and Sahacharadi oils.
RUMARUB is equally effective in Rheumatic and Traumatic Pains.


Headache, Back Pain, Stiff neck, Muscular pain and Spasms, Swollen and Painful joints, Sprains, Lumbago and Cramps including Pregnancy associated Cramps.


Special 25gm. plastic container with tamper-proof

8 reviews for RUMARUB OINTMENT (Pack of 3)

  1. Raj (verified owner)

    Very good product. I purchased through this website. Using it for knee joint pain and stiff neck, very effective.

  2. Aravindhan

    Rumarub is a good product. Helped me overcome joint pain and instant relief from pain. Highly recommend it.

  3. sankar

    Tried Rumarub for knee pain. I find it effective in pain relief.

  4. Swethasree

    One of my friend referred your product and happy to confirm that i got a good result in short period . Thanks to Rumarub

  5. jarald

    Rumarub provides instant relief from pain and helped me recover very fast.

  6. Ananya

    Rumarub is a good pain reliever for joint and muscle pain. I apply it to the affected areas at night and felt much better in the morning.

  7. Saimonirai

    I found Rumarub to be very effective for joint pain. Using the product for 2 weeks regularly and i can say it works!

  8. Jisna jomon

    Really great. Best for joint pains .
    Most recommended

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